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Colorado Springs Lawn Aeration, Sprinkler Startup, Sprinkler Repair

and Sprinkler Blowout & Sprinkler Winterizing Experts since 1995!

Gary's Lawn Solutions have been Colorado Springs lawn aeration and sprinkler experts for over 20 years.

We provide top-quality lawn aeration packages, sprinkler startup packages, sprinkler blowout and winterizing packages and all phases of professional sprinkler repair in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

We believe excellent workmanship, great customer service, combined with the highest degree of integrity is the best formula to build a great client/business relationship! 

What is Lawn Aeration in Colorado Springs?

Lawn aeration in Colorado Springs is a process that mechanically opens the turf. Lawn aeration machines penetrate the soil and provide the needed space for roots to grow. When roots are compacted and do not have enough space to grow, the lawn will stop growing.

Spring lawn aeration is the best-known practice to keep your lawn green, healthy, and problem-free year after year!

Why is Lawn Aeration in Colorado Springs Important for Your Lawn?

Colorado Springs lawn aeration is a very important process to keep the turf green, healthy, and growing at a steady pace.

The soil in Colorado consists of clay, sand, or a combination of both. Clay and sand are approximately 2-3 inches beneath the surface of the lawn. Roots cannot grow through clay or sand and will cause the lawn to thin out and eventually perish. 

Throughout the cold and dry winter months, your lawn is in its dormant stage. Roots have been deprived of water and nutrients.

Spring lawn aeration will allow water, fertilizer, oxygen, and all other important nutrients to soak into the soil and stimulate new root growth. Most importantly, roots will have the needed room to grow for the lawn to flourish. 

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions to Perform Your Lawn Aeration in Colorado Springs?

Our extensive "Double" lawn aeration packages include overlapping your lawn a minimum of 2-3 times. Extra fertilizer, extra water, and all other important nutrients will soak deep into the soil and feed your lawn properly.

If your lawn needs extra attention in thinning areas or dead patches, we will attend to these problemed areas as much as necessary.

Our goals are to improve the health and quality of your lawn. We don't charge any additional fees to complete the job right!

Why Is Our "Pro-Feed" 

Commercial Grade Fertilizer Rated #1?
"1" application feeds your lawn for the entire year!
"Pro-Feed" spring fertilizer is a state-of-the-art, commercial-grade fertilizer. "Pro-Feed" fertilizer is applied "1" time per year during the spring and slowly feeds your lawn the entire (6-7 months) of spring, summer, and fall.

"Pro-Feed" fertilizer eliminates the guesswork of which store brand fertilizers to buy, as well as eliminating lawn care companies who charge $55.00-$75.00 per application, 4-6 times per year! 

 "Pro-Feed" fertilizer will keep your lawn greener, healthier, and is safe for children and pets! 

Our "Pro-Feed" fertilizer is the simple answer! Fertilize your lawn once in the spring and that's it. Then just water, mow, and enjoy!

Why Is Our Kentucky Bluegrass Seed Better for Your Lawn?

Kentucky Bluegrass is the #1 grass of choice throughout Colorado.

Many homeowners believe that all brands of Kentucky Bluegrass look and grow the same. There are actually over 200 different varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass. When overseeding is necessary to fill in dead patches and thinning areas, 
you get what you pay for! ​

Our Kentucky Bluegrass seed is a commercial grade, top-of-the-line blend, commonly applied to parks, commercial properties, and golf courses. Our seed type is durable, drought-tolerant, easy to maintain and designed to last. Our Kentucky Bluegrass seed type will keep your lawn looking great!
Water Crytsals
(Professional Strength)
Professional strength water crystals soak up excess sprinkler runoff like a sponge and will slowly release this water back to the soil between your watering days. This process repeats itself throughout the spring, summer, and fall acting as an underground reservoir for the root system.

Watering your lawn 1-2 times per week is equivalent to watering your lawn 4-5 times per week after our professional strength water crystals have been applied.

Professional strength water crystals will save you an average of ($250.00 - $400.00) per year off outdoor watering expenses in addition to saving water and contributing to our resources.

Our water crystals are non-toxic, Eco-friendly, and safe for children and pets!
​​​​Weed & Feed Fertilizer
(Commercial Grade)
Our commercial-grade weed & feed fertilizer prevents weeds before they begin to grow! 

Our weed & feed fertilizer destroys weeds such as dandelions, thistle, and other broadleaf weeds while fertilizing the lawn simultaneously.

Commercial-grade weed & feed is most beneficial when applied immediately after lawn aeration has been performed as it will soak into the soil at a much quicker rate before the weeds begin to spread.

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions For Your Sprinkler Startup in Colorado Springs?

Gary's Lawn Solutions has provided expert sprinkler startup services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas since 1995'. Whether you need a sprinkler startup, sprinkler repair or just some great advice, we are the experts you can count on!

Our sprinkler startup services are performed by licensed plumbers with 20 plus years of hands-on experience. Our step-by-step sprinkler startup process will protect your system from unnecessary sprinkler repairs during the activation process.

Starting up your sprinkler system correctly is the difference between a smooth-running system and expensive and preventable repair bills.
Visit our "Sprinkler Startup Page" to see our step-by-step, sprinkler startup package

Why Choose Gary's Lawn Solutions for Your Sprinkler Repair in Colorado Springs?

Our Colorado Springs sprinkler repair experts are licensed plumbers with 20 plus years of technical knowledge and hands-on experience! We only use state-of-the-art, commercial-grade parts and our workmanship is always top-notch!

We stand behind our work and warranty all of our parts and labor. We explain all of the preventative measures that should be taken to avoid any unnecessary sprinkler repair issues.

The top 3 causes of unnecessary freeze damage requiring sprinkler repair are

1)Turning the sprinkler system on in March or April and the temperature drops after being pressurized.

2) Not blowing out and winterizing the sprinkler system or performing the winterizing process incorrectly.

3) Hiring inexperienced and/or non-licensed sprinkler repair companies.
Sprinkler Startup Rule-of-Thumb is Mother's Day!
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